Stalin's favorite ballet comes to OC
Though well-respected in England, where he'd been a permanent “guest teacher” for the Royal Ballet since the 1980s, Messerer's quiet, early appointment to the Mikhailovsky, predating Duato, speaks to the company's equal commitments to 19th century …
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Making little miracles: Milagro Center helps kids' art, academic and social skills
The music teacher has told him he has a real talent,” Stark said. “Studies show that music has an incredibly positive impact on children, and Brayan is absolutely an example of that.” Milagro … As you might imagine, the holiday season adds even more …
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Question by dragon6xx: Teacher Gifts?
I leave middle school this Wednesday, and I really want to get one of my teachers a present. It’s not just one of those “Thanks for putting up with me for a year” things, though. She helped me through a lot this year, and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve become really good friends. The problem is, I don’t have a clue what to get her. I was thinking of getting her a book, but she’s adopting a kid this summer, not to mention being a newlywed, so she probably won’t have any time to read.
Any suggestions?
*Thanks! All of your suggestions are great! I especially like the scrapbook idea- I didn’t even think of that.

Best answer:

Answer by rhonda c
With all these huge things happening in her life, a scrapbook that you start or a journal were she could write down about all these times in her life. She seems to have made a huge difference in your life and letting her know how much she means to you is the best gift of all.

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Easter Fun Lite (Kindle Tablet Edition) [Ads Free]

Easter Fun Lite (Kindle Tablet Edition) [Ads Free]

  • Easter Fun Lite (Kindle Fire Edition) — Best Educational Easter Games and Activities for kids between 3 and 9 ( (Our full iPad version is rated #1 Easter 2012 fun apps for kids by IB Times and Phones Review))
  • (This free Lite version makes only one of the game available for each specific day. Our full version is also available for download. For both version we have staffs providing full support. Thank you for your download, review and feedback)
  • Easter Fun by TPK Studio brings education, Easter, and fun games together. Kids will find 6 unique Easter-themed educational games and activities designed for entertaining and learning. Easter Fun includes educational materials that cover topics such as logic, words, counting, art and much more. Best of all, kids will be learning those skills while enjoying lots of fun and music.
  • Easter Fun is packed with 6 amazing games
  • 1. Tic Tac Toe – Getting into the Easter celebration by turning into a bunny and playing this traditional game with a friend, sibling or parent. The brave will challenge and beat the big bad wolves.
  • 2. Hang Rabbit – Complete the word by guessing the letters. The kids have six chances before the rabbit rolls its head, body and all fours.
  • 3. Word Book – Touch the picture and learn the word. Kids can choose their favorite pages among Easter, fruits, animals, or cars. It is also fun to learn them all.
  • 4. Spell Fun – This is an amazing spelling game. Kids learn the spelling of Easter words by dragging letter on eggs into the basket.
  • 5. Count Bunnies – Count these cute bunnies or beautiful eggs, and learn numbers 1 to 9.
  • 6. Decorate Basket – Make a perfect Easter gift basket by choosing among kids’ own bunnies, eggs, flowers, and candies.
  • TPK Studio is a company that is started by and dedicates to teachers, parents and kids (TPK). We are committed to providing children with a safe and fun learning environment.
  • We will never send marketing messages to children. And we will never ask your child to provide any personal Information to us or anyone for marketing purpose.

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World?s Best Teacher, Gift Basket for Teachers

World?s Best Teacher, Gift Basket for Teachers

  • Send your favorite teacher this unique gift basket featuring a planter filled with delicious gourmet goodies!

This colorful planter with the sentiment “World’s Best Teacher” is filled with a matching “World’s Best Teacher” plant pick, a creative school themed pouch of “School Days” gourmet nutty Snack Mix, Original Water Crackers, Tomato & Basil Cheese, Swiss Cheese, “A+ Teacher!” themed Raspberry Cookies, Cinnamon Tea Cookies and “Sunshine Fruit Mix” which is a delicious medley of sweetened and dried tropical fruits!

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